LPL Financial Account View

Account View includes:
• Summary data of account holdings by account, including total
• Current Balances sorted by investment type and the corresponding percentage of the total portfolio
• Transaction history and other Activity occurring over the last 90 days
• Total Portfolio holdings showing the market value and estimated annual income for each account, as well as the cost basis and unrealized gain or loss if the account has been turned on for cost basis. This page displays account information with intra-day pricing, which is updated every 20 minutes.
• Electronic versions of account Statements with the option to “go paperless” and turn off delivery of the hardcopy statements
• The account data is current as of the close of the previous business day. The Home page shows the date for the last update of account data
• Extensive online Help that is easy to use and includes detailed help for each page, a “How Do I?” question-and-answer section for the most frequent tasks, and a Glossary that defines key terms
• All information is SSL encrypted and only the client’s user ID and password can access






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